Our knowledge and experience, as well as our production capabilities, enable us to fulfill your orders for printing and embroidery on our products, as well as on T-shirts, caps, reflective vests and other finished products.

Types of applications:

1) Traditional screen printing

The word "traditional" in this case does not mean ordinary. The development of this method assisted by specialized equipment has made it possible to screen print very complex designs including photography. The quality, including the depth of color in printing on textiles is not possible to achieve in such a way in any other method, but in screen printing. Another important advantage is the ability to accurately reproduce color from the extensive Pantone,CMYK color palette. Screen printing can be used to create special effects, such as : gold, silver, glitter, flock effect, water drop, high print, stretch print, and reflective print. Another major advantage of this method is the relatively low price for high-volume printing.

 2) Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is a method of machine decoration that gives garments an elegant look. It involves embroidering with thread a previously developed design. The design prepared by our studio is uploaded to the embroidery machine and then embroidered. Designs embroidered with embroidery are characterized by high resistance to washing. Embroidery can be made directly on the garment or in the form of a patch. Thanks to WILCOM's advanced software, it is possible to make, among other things : 3D convex embroidery, shadows.

3) Flock and Flex

FLOCK and FLEX color thermal transfer films are the ideal material for high durability printing on fabrics. Perfectly opaque prints cut on popular computer cutting plotters and indented onto fabric using a thermal press.

4) Transflex

A method of transferring a previously prepared print on transfer film onto a garment, using a heat press. It is smooth and delicate to the touch, resembling flex.Depending on the inks used, the print can stretch with the fabric, it can also reflect light and serve as a reflector. Another major advantage of this method is the relatively low price for high-volume printing. You can also press the prepared transflex yourself.

5) DTG transfer

Transfer on semi-gloss white film with ecosolvent inks features photo-quality printability.
 Great for decoration and graphics on sportswear, workwear and other garments. 
You can also press the prepared transfer yourself.

6) Large-format printing

Includes all types of outdoor advertising, banners, mesh, stickers, self-adhesive films and more. Printed with a high-quality plotter using premium inks.